Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blackeye Beans Tops

Before I begin...let me say...I know basically how to upholster a stool top...HOWEVER, my fabric of choice was in very limited supply and I had to do the best I could with what I had..

that's what my shop and my blog are all about!

Old pitiful tops to very heavy old swivel stools (pictured above.)

"Fabric" of choice...two old railroad bean bags!

I LOVED them and knew they'd look great on the stools.

I know they are a little "puffy" around the edges...

But you do what you gotta do.

Someone said they look like old Coke bottle tops!

Yep, they surely do! I added some black twisted welting...cute!

Will post pics in the shop today!
Book bundles (below) are flying off the shelf! Literally! Had to restock twice yesterday!

Let me do your legwork...4 pretty vintage books for $5! You really need these for your decorating projects! (Hint: they are so much nicer than those old paperbacks or NEW books!)

Come visit us soon!

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3955 Highway 49 South
Little Brick Building Between Donna's #6 Produce and Magnolia Flea Market

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  1. I saw the stools, and let me say, "They looked great!" If I had the talent you have, I could have probably bought them and put them in a perfect place in my house. I loved visiting your shop this week, and my brother may end up becoming your best customer yet.


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