Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Ten Collectibles of 2012 & Decorating Tips

If you are out and about, spending that Christmas cash, stop by and see us! We will re-open at 10:00 Wednesday morning. We have some great new things for you!
Directions to shop:
From highway 468 & hwy 49 intersection: at the intersection of 49 and 468, turn left onto hwy. 49. Pass Jerry's Fish House on your left. Pass Donna's #6 Produce on your right and turn on your right blinker now. Dwellings is the small brick building JUST BEFORE the Flea Markets on your right.
From Florence & Richland/ Hwy. 468: When you go through the intersection of 49 and 468 follow directions above.
Be careful..if you blink you will miss it!
From Hattiesburg: Go north on hwy 49. Just outside of Florence, MS. you will pass Magnolia & Hwy. 49 Flea Markets on your left. The brick building just past the Flea Markets on your left is Dwellings. You will have to go to the next little "turn left" area to come back to Dwellings
We are re-thinking our hours! But for now,
Wed.-Sat. 10 until 5. Sunday: 1-5.

This Fire King casserole dish and separate underplate is a rare find.
Zoom in for details.
The color is wonderful!

If you are a collector of FK, we have a small table of Fire King.
We are working on this area daily.

This entire vintage wooden tray's design is made from actual butterfly wings!
The center butterfly is an iridescent blue.

I saw another one similar in West Monroe and our price is better!
In front of the tray are my distressed and waxed wooden bowls.
I do all the waxing by hand and the colors are my favorites!
Mustard, several shades of blue, black, green, off white, red and russet.
They come in very handy for display and are $7 each.

When "picking" an old warehouse recently, I found this OLD blackboard nailed to the wall.
The guy told me it came from the old Terry school. Talk about patina! The wood is solid and the board is in good condition.
Boards are so "in"...you really should drop by and see it.
Also notice the old school spelling book, flashcards and the rusty gear.
We have several round, rusty gears and blades right now.
Pottery Barn is, as always, on the "cutting" edge and uses these in their setups.
Ours are reasonably priced.

Speaking of "pickers"... American Pickers has NOTHING on us...
we absolutely have some of the best in the area.
Our pickers find the most unusual, fun stuff!

We have a small army of bottle pickers who dig deep to come up with some of best!
I've learned much about seams, blobs, lips and such.
There are as many women bottle collectors as there are men! (Who'd a thunk it?)

Not sure why, but I've always been fascinated with "little" items.
Children's chairs, tea sets, etc. This little beauty is not antique, but it IS old.
It's been refurbished with the prettiest gray and rose vintage material.
I can hardly stand to part with it.
There are perks to owning a shop, you can bring anything you want home!!

Silver plate has been named one of the top ten collectibles for 2012.
So we are on the hunt. It's pretty even when slightly tarnished!
I drug all mine out of hiding and have mixed it in with old books and such all over the house.
I love its twinkle factor!!
BTW: I bought the two tiered table and it's sitting in my living room as we speak.
You must move fast to beat me to the bargains..lol.
More top ten collectibles for 2012. Granite ware... (this is a portion of our collection.
The rest is on our Welcome Table when you enter the store.)
We are building our collection of old kitchen utensils and included is another top ten favorite, wooden spoons.

One of the most sought after top ten is Cow creamers.
The top ten collectibles will rise in price this year because everyone will be looking for them...better start now!

We have a wide array of pressed glassware, some cut and colored.
Crocks and pitchers are also in abundance.
If you like the Deco art look or the 50's - 70's items, we have tables for you.
Three are alike and are blue and yellow with chrome. These are in GREAT shape.
Two are white enamel with red trim.
They have no chairs, but that's part of the fun... the hunt!!
Extremely reasonably priced also.

Decorating Tip: Use what you have! Old mismatched granite ware lids are displayed on a small shelf which is displayed within an old window frame! This works well for old china lids also. How about buying a piece of board and putting it into the old frame and spraying it with chalkboard paint? This window is its original color. I have 4 more paned windows right now...two are in very good condition, and two are a little tattered!
Will make a special deal on "tattered" ones!
I also have some old doors.
Our vintage wood paneled door coffee table hasn't sold and is on sale right now!

Vintage lures are displayed in our case and on old barn wood..
lots for the fisherman or lady in your life!

All things Rooster and Chicken!!
Look at that dinnerware and zoom in on the metal napkin holders
with black and white chicken paper napkins.

Super duper old wagon wheel...we have other parts from this wagon also.
Heavy as heck!

For the tobacco tins and boxes collector...
we are also beefing up our lighter collection.

From one picking expedition..
old medicine cabinet...white with green paint...
lost its mirror, but would add glass if it were mine.
Now, surely you've seen something you MUST have.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas From Dwellings

We have the answer to all your gift needs...so much to show... I will just give you a snapshot of some things that might interest you. Small glass containers are perfect for "wrappers" for your baked goods....plan to spend $5-$10 on a vintage piece.

We have lots of pretty glassware..this is one small section.

Lanterns are $25.00 and are the most versatile of decorations...use them year-round.

This vintage lighted secretary is so pretty...
leave it natural or paint it...either way, you will love it.

It has glass shelves and a drawer in addition to the writing surface. Price: $200.00

Vintage books fashioned into re-purposed table decorations. Several have holes that hold votive holders. If you would like one with pictures of your family on front...just let me know. Special orders for the ones with pictures are $20...others range from $9 to $15.00.

Metal buggy for all your decorating needs...this is a large item and would hold lots of pumpkins, pots of flowers or serve as an outside Christmas container.

I re-purposed this old bird feeder as a little tabletop log cabin. The red fence goes all the way around and there are bottle brush trees and a wreath over the front door. Price: $22....cute for bird lovers.

Vintage wood burned and painted blanket chest is waiting on a new home. I think it would be a great window bench or coffee table. Chests like these were usually flat, but bun feet or square feet would look wonderful and give her just the lift she needs. Price: $150.00.

How fun is this set? Old wooden spools fashioned into a playroom table and stools! Wonderful colors...price: $65.00.
On Saturday and Sunday, I will be available to make your holiday bows.

Call me for details: 601 966-7305
Price: $3.00 per bow

Come by and have some coffee and shop. At first I was so excited, that I followed everyone around and talked entirely too much...I promise I will leave you to shop until your heart's content! Merry Christmas!

Hope your days are merry and bright,


Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Hours

Dwellings has settled into holiday hours. We will be open Thanksgiving week Wed., Fri., Sat. from 10:00-5:00 and Sunday from 1:00-5:00. Hope to see you there!

We have a limited number of these precious angels! Better drive like crazy to get one while they are still here!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Man Is An Island...Neither is a Woman

The above statement is more true than you know...there is absolutely NO way we could have opened and had a Holiday Open House in 3 1/2 weeks without help from our friends! Thanks to all who dropped by and shopped at Dwellings...Refined, this Saturday! The store was full of shoppers and well wishers and we are extremely appreciative to all who have supported and encouraged us in this endeavor!

This afternoon, in a few down minutes, we assembled an island for my kitchen using an old barn gate and a metal bottom from a work bench. I needed a very small "island-ette" for the center of the kitchen. I have no counter space by the refrigerator and I constantly have to walk back and forth taking items from the refrigerator when I am cooking. This solves the problem. The hardest part was picking from all our wood stash!

The old metal bottom was a work bench and we just removed the metal top and replaced it with the barn wood. It's very sturdy and I put two hooks at the ends so that I have a place to hand dish towels, etc. The bottom is sprayed with Rustoleum Hammered Brown.

The island measures 22 inches wide and 42 inches in length. It fits perfectly! After cleaning, waxing and polyurethane, I can't wait to use it!

Casters aid in moving and there is a lever that raises the legs so the casters can roll! This is one service we offer at Dwellings Refined...you find the bottom of your choice and we'll make you a top!

Our store hours have changed since we are finally moved in and somewhat settled:
Wednesday-Saturday 10 a.m. 'til 5 p.m.
Sunday from 1 p.m. 'til 5 p.m.
We are closed Monday and Tuesday.

We are located between Donna's #6 Produce and Magnolia Flea Market on Hwy. 49 South...on the right just past Jerry's Fish House (which is on the left.) When you pass Donna's turn on your blinker...or you will miss us! We are the little brick building. There is a flashing sign!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holiday Open House: Part II

I promised a few more pictures of our new shop...
Chalkboards are the rage...
This neutral one would look stylish with any kitchen decor.

Crystal, milk glass and depression glass are the ingredients for a light, shimmery table.
We have a very nice selection of all three.

I had this little old fashioned tree "planted" in an old brown crock...
and somebody bought the crock!
So I re-planted in a blue splatter ware crock.
The tree holds tiny vintage chocolate molds, dogwood berries,
feathers and assorted primitive ornaments.
The blanket chest with its beautiful burned poinsettias is the best buy in the house.
Of course, I just noticed that the flowers don't show up in the picture :(
I'm tempted to take it home, add casters and use it as a window seat or a coffee table.
Child's vintage chair to the right holds a Pottery Barnish book and old vintage speller.

I love the textures of Indian baskets.
This old mirror back lost its mirror long ago,
and someone covered the wooden back with a cloth picture.
Colors are beautiful.

I am a nut about bowls...all sizes and types.
I have a wonderful collection of yelloware bowls above my sink...
no matter what decor I use, they remain.
I found this group of wooden salad bowls at a yard sale,
brought them home, painted, distressed and waxed each one in a different color.
Mustard, navy, robin's egg, gray, black, green, and rusty red are my favorite colors.
They would look great with potpourri or wrapped candy in them year round.

Tools now hang on our barn wood wall. They look like pieces of art.

Hand-made crosses by my friend Wanda Pearson have a place of honor in our shop.
These make lovely gifts for teachers and special friends.

There is nothing more endearing than Blue Willow china.
The apple green interior of this old pantry adds mood to the blue and white selections.

This beautiful handcrafted antique door coffee table will be specially priced
for the Saturday Open House. Speak now, or forever hold your peace!

My son tried his hand making a coffee table from an old painted door.
He left the hinges on the door and faced it with genuine old barn wood. Love it!
Last but certainly not least is MY grand old hutch!
Look at how pretty she looks all dressed up for the holidays!!
She is finally residing INSIDE the shop
and every time I look at her, it makes me happy!

Ten until five, Saturday, Nov. 12...be there or be square!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Holiday Open House Preview Part I

Well, things are settling down at our new shop. I thought you might enjoy a preview of this weekend's Holiday Open House. You won't believe what my sister has helped us do with lots of vintage items! Here we go...

Very little has been purchased. We re-purposed and re-used what was on hand. That's the whole point of the shop...to give creative outlet to use what you already have.

This is our Welcome table. Love the feather candle rings!

I recently purchased this old chest and it's looking for a new home. Notice the little jute topped felt stockings...they have the prettiest tassels attached.

I had to have just a little corner for some of my art. My bird's nests are there, too. You know the lore, don't you? If you have a nest in your Christmas tree, you new year will be filled with great things. Now who doesn't need great things?

Babyland....and our white Idea Tree is filled with ornaments you can make! I'll tell you how.

Pink and turquoise...simply sparkly and bright!

Five old doors are awaiting your decorative touch...this is my favorite. It still has the lock attached.

How would you like this beauty under your tree? (Well, at least BY the tree!)Now, I'll show you one more tonight...I've got to save something for tomorrow.

For the fisherman in your life!

More pictures tomorrow night!

We will open at 10 am this Saturday. We hope you will join us then!